June 2013


Webb Creek Utility District


Friday, 6/7/2013


Commissioners Present

John Steven McCarter, President

Robert Vick, Vice President

Delmar Ball, Secretary


In Attendance

Wayne Ball, Interim District Manager (Staff)

Angie Parton, Interim Office Manager (Staff)

Gary McGill, McGill Associates

Suzanne Davis, CPA

Donald Wallace, Utility Customer

Russell Bryant, Building Contractor

Dennis and Lisa Grone, Property Buyer



Steve McCarter (McCarter) called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. at the district office located at 3625 Lindsey Mill Rd., Gatlinburg, TN  37738.


Robert Vick (Vick) made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Delmar Ball (D. Ball), with all voting in favor of the motion.


Vick made a motion to approve the April 5, 2013 meeting minutes and the April 15, 2013 special meeting minutes.  D. Ball seconded with all voting in favor of the motion.  Vick requested that the minutes of the previous meeting be made available a few days prior to the next meeting in order to give the commissioners adequate time for review.


Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA) did not have a representative present.


Mr. Gass was not present.


Vick discussed the Utility District’s financial statements and suggested we go back to January 2013 and make sure the financial statements are accurate.  Angie Parton (Parton) presented a copy of a current check register, to date for 2013, and there was broad discussion that it would be a good idea to review a current month check register each Board meeting, and eventually an income statement and a budget report.


Suzanne Davis (Davis) stated that in most cases, we would be running behind a month with financial statements.  The state comptroller’s office was in possession of some of the 2013 records.   Vick asked about reconciliation of bank statements.  Davis explained that the Utility District had purchased the software some time back, however, it had not been utilized until January of 2013 and was not up to date.  There are minor issues that must be resolved prior to completing the bank reconcilements.   Davis will prepare an engagement letter for the Utility District.  Davis stated it might be possible to have a budget and some financial reports by our next board meeting.  Vick made a motion to use Davis’s services.  D. Ball seconded and all voted in favor of the motion.


Gary McGill (McGill) stated the water project would not go forward until everyone was in agreement with what we wanted to do.  McGill or his staff will get with Wayne Ball (W. Ball) to go over any changes from the previous concept design.

The Utility Management Review Board (UMRB) meeting was cancelled at the last minute and will be rescheduled.  Jim Gass (Gass) and McGill have had discussions with Bent Creek Resorts (BCR) and hope to satisfy their concerns regarding the BCR water and wastewater expenses.

W. Ball reported 1 leak with water loss down to 11%.  ODR delivered 937,000 gallons of wastewater the month of May.   An old leaking fire hydrant was removed.  W. Ball had a request from a customer on Deer Path Lane to relocate a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway.  The cost would be approximately $10,000.  The customer would be responsible for the cost of relocation.  W. Ball will send the information to the homeowner.

There had been several requests from residents of Pinnacle View subdivision for a fire hydrant to be installed.  McGill will review and determine a cost and whether it would be feasible.  The residents would cover the cost.  McCarter will set up a meeting with the Pittman Center City Planner and Gary to discuss the request.  Vick cautioned when discussing fire protection with potential customers and that our attorney should be involved in the discussions for liability purposes.  W. Ball provided the Board with an invoice which appeared to contain personal items that had been ordered by an employee and that he had returned the items and requested the account be closed.

Parton stated that Kenneth with Hollow and Company was checking to see if RVS could be merged with Mas 90 which would more accurately reflect the financial statements and budget information.

D. Ball brought up W. Ball’s salary and the good job he was doing.  Perhaps he should receive a pay increase.  After some discussion, the Board decided to wait until the comptroller’s office investigation was completed.

Russell Bryant (Bryant) was accompanied by Dennis and Lisa Grone, who were looking to purchase property on Saint Andrews Lane.  Their purchase was contingent upon the Utility District allowing them to extend a private sewer line to an existing private sewer line.   McGill offered to take a look at the project and provide an opinion on the viability of the connection.  The customer would pay costs, including tap fees and labor from the Utility District and would be responsible for maintenance of the lines.   A change to the customer contract would be required.

A motion to adjourn was made by Vick and D. Ball seconded with all in favor of the motion.    The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.